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Learner feedback

“I now have strategies (for helping with spelling) where before I had none."

"I have a better understanding of how to get my children interested in writing.”

"I learned to make a presentation and met interesting people. I am more confident now."

"I learnt English and this was a very good life experience."

“I have learnt more about phonics and graphemes, which helps with the spelling of tricky words."

"The Calne Treasure hunt was fabulous, really enjoyed it and was just the right length for a seven year old".

"I loved everything! I will recommend in the future."

"Jenny was a fabulous tutor, easily understood and we had fun whilst learning, looking at strategies around budgeting etc."

"Top marks for the course - apprehensive initially - good to know not on my own with problems."

"I liked all the advice and the chance to have fun with my son."

"I enjoyed learning new things that you wouldn't think twice about, but actually you should."